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I want to thank you for being my surgeon. Not knowing any specialist in Dubai, I was fortunate to be referred to you. You not only are accomplished cosmetic surgeon, but you show great compassion for your patients. I am so grateful that you are my doctor.

I want to thank you so very much for the positive experience with my surgery (Tummy-tuck). I greatly appreciate your kindness, compassion and professionalism. I am so grateful and thankful!!! I feel beautiful-you are a true gift.

Have a Wonderful Day & God Bless You Always.

……EH, Dubai.

I approached Dr Varun Dixit for Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation. I am very impressed with the outstanding customer service, responsiveness and attentiveness to detail at Dr Varun’s clinic. Each appointment had been timely and approached with a positive demeanour from Dr Varun and each staff at his clinic.

I’m extremely impressed with Dr Varun Dixit and his initiative to answer the thousand questions readily, explain and detail the procedure prior to, during and post operatively.

His bedside manners and conduct was very positive and I’m very happy with the post surgery results. I thank Dr Varun Dixit for the amazing kindness bestowed towards me.

I will highly recommend Dr Varun Dixit to other people that I know for further procedure.

……AQ, Goa.

This is not just another review but a sincere thank you note to Dr. Dixit. After 2 pregnancies and a sadly hanging tummy I desperately needed a tummy tuck. After my 1st consultation with Dr. Dixit i knew he was the right doctor. I liked the fact that he took time to explain me pre-op, op and post op procedures in depth.

Only his expertise could make this procedure less painful and helped me in a quick recovery. My husband and I we are super happy with the results. I’ve got my surgeon and I would recommend you all to go to him as well.

………TB, USA

Since long, I was thinking of doing a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction but was very scared of the thought. I was also not sure whom to go to for the surgery. That’s when my Dermatologist suggested Dr.Varun Dixit’s name. I went and met him for the first time and all my doubts were cleared as to from whom I wanted to get the procedure done. He was not only patient to listen to all my queries but without any hurry he answered to all of them. I was more concerned becoz I am a Diabetic, have high Cholesterol and have Thyroid problems. He neither lied to me about anything nor showed me only a rosy picture about the procedure. He was up front as to I might get complications since I have all three factors against the surgery. He told me to go home and think about it. I took some time to decide but then I had full faith in him and went ahead with both the procedure.

After the Surgery the way I was taken care of by the Doctor is remarkable. I could call him up at any given time if I had any query and he would pick up the phone unlike many doctors I know. As he had predicted I did get some complications but he handled it so well. I was out of it within no time and started feeling better. My recovery took a little longer than most other patients (as predicted by Dr Dixit). I have never felt this fantastic before about myself.

One more thing that even doctor kept telling me that this procedure by itself is not for ever….one has to take care of one’s diet, workout regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then this procedure will work wonders for anyone. So I can only tell others please go ahead if u are thinking to do these procedures with an open mind and positive thinking.

……MH, India.